Video Package | Swiss Championship Olympic Weightlifting 2022

Video Package | Swiss Championship Olympic Weightlifting 2022

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Für wen ist das Paket?

Premium Video - ONLY PREORDER!

- Fully edited montage-style video (watch example footage in the gallery!)
- Highlights of your competition in one video from multiple angles
- Stunning 4K
- Music of your choice
- 100%-Money-Back-Guarantee

Tripod Video - available for preorder & after competition
All your attempts in one video from the tripod in slow motion
- Fast 5 day delivery time without paying extra!
- High quality FullHD


Explanation of delivery times

Premium Standard: 7 days after the competition
Premium Express & Stativ Standard: 2 days after the competition
Stativ Same Day: Directly on the day of the competition by 12 PM

Please note: If you order after the competition, the delivery time is counted from the order date. Same day delivery is only available for the tripod video and only until the day of the competition.

Informations about the competition:
🗓️ Saturday, 18.06.2022