Video Package | Schweizermeisterschaft Junioren, Master, Bench

Video Package | Schweizermeisterschaft Junioren, Master, Bench

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Normaler Preis
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Premium Video - ONLY PREORDER!
✅ Fully edited montage-style video (watch the real example in the gallery!)
✅ Highlights of your competition in one video
✅ Shots from multiple cameras
✅ Different perspectives and moments before and after your lifts
✅ Stunning 4K
✅ Music of your choice
✅ 100%-Money-Back-Guarantee

Tripod Video | available for preorder & after competition
✅ All your attempts in one video from the tripod
Fast 2 day delivery time without paying extra!
High quality FullHD


Explanation of delivery times

Premium Standard: 7 Days after the end of the competition

Premium Express & Tripod Standard: 2 Days after the end of the competition

Tripod Same Day: Directly on the day of the competition until 24:00 at the latest

Standard & Express delivery time refer to the end of the competition (Sunday). With the standard delivery time you will get your tripod video package already on Tuesday and the premium video on sunday!

The delivery times generally refer to all orders that are received in our store no later than Sunday midnight. If you order on Monday or later, the premium video will be sent to you 7 days after your order or 2 days after your order in case of Standard delivery time. Same Day delivery time is only available for the tripod video.

More information about the photo packages:

Information about the competition:
🗓️ Saturday, 11. September 2021
📍Klub der Sportfreunde, Hohlstraße 506, 8048 Zürich